Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Senators preach against overriding Governor Riley's veto on HB175

The Senate is currently debating overriding Governor Riley’s veto on HB175 pertaining to alcohol sales which would authorize municipal option elections in municipalities having a population of 500 or more. Senator Hank Erwin continues to filibuster on this legislation. Allowing Senator Quinton Ross to speak; Ross condemned the body for not allowing Senator Bobby Singleton’s bill, SB135, to come up for a full body vote in the Senate.

Ross believes that the body should allow this bill to reach a full vote and allow the Governor to veto the bill if he is going to veto it. Senator Ross does not agree with the hypocrisy in the senate that would stand in the way of local legislation yet try to override Governor Riley’s veto on legislation pertaining to alcohol.

Senator Charles Bishop spoke against overriding the legislation and Senator Bobby Singleton gave a lively, passionate speech.


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