Wednesday, May 6, 2009

House Criticizes Senate Version of General Fund Budget

Chair of the Government Appropriations Committee in the House, Rep. John Knight, spoke this morning in reference to the version of the General Fund Budget that was passed late last night by the Senate.

Because of the number of changes that were made to the version the House passed, Rep. Knight proposed that the budget go to a conference committee. He elaborated that they had worked very hard to present a reasonable budget for the people of Alabama and that the Senate’s version is “totally unacceptable.”

Apparently, the Senate version of the budget includes a number of line-items allotting dollars to specific cities and entities – more familiarly referred to as “pork”.

Representative Mac Gipson ( R ) of Autauga County commented that the budget looks like a “senate re-election” budget.

Along the same tenor as Rep. Gipson, Rep. Jay Love ( R ) of Montgomery further stated that he was “afraid swine flu has made its way into the Alabama Legislature after looking at this budget.”

Both commended Representative Knight for his diligent work toward passing a responsible budget for the state.

The House voted in favor of Rep. Knight’s motion to take the General Fund Budget to conference committee with members of the Senate.

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