Thursday, May 14, 2009

Senate non-concurs with Governor's veto

The Alabama Senate voted this evening to non-concur and override Governor Riley's veto on HB746, the General Fund Budget. Vote: 19 yeas and 11 nays.

Senate takes up the General Fund Budget

After the House non-concurred with Governor Riley’s veto of HB746, the General Fund Budget, the senate will now vote to concur or non-concur with him.

Currently Senator Rodger Bedford is urging the senate to override Governor Riley’s veto. Bedford says that Governor Riley seeks help the people of Alabama in an unfair and improper manor. Bedford accused the Governor of caring more about healthcare of our prisoners than for its people.

Stay tuned for more updates, Senator Marsh is at the mic waiting for a turn to speak.


House Concurs with Free the Hops

The Alabama House just concured with the Senate changes to SB 373, the "Free the Hops" bill.

The Senate amendment would not allow the higher alcoholic content beers to be sold in convenient stores.

House Passes Budget, Non-concur With Governor Riley

In a 64 to 35 vote, the Alabama House did not concur with the Governor Riley's changes to the General Fund Budget.


Lt. Governor Jim Folsom called up HB373, Free the Hops, out of order at the call of the chair this afternoon. With Senator Hank Erwin, the main opponent to the bill, out of the Senate chamber the bill passed with flying colors. The Senate used the previous short roll which means Senator Erwin will actually go down as voting for the bill he fought so hard to kill.

HB373 will now go to Governor Riley's desk.

Ferrets Beware!

In a 101 – 0 vote, the Alabama House added ferrets to the list of animals required to be vaccinated (SB 469).

House Busy This Afternoon

The AL House passed the following mortgage and credit related bills:

• SB 232 relating to mortgage brokers licensing
• SB 234 dealing with consumer credit transactions
• SB 249 relating to mortgage loan originators


Listen to the House and Senate Live!


SENATE Chamber Audio

Senate overrides Governor Riley's veto on HB175

After passing numerous local bills this afternoon, the senate called up HB175, sponsored by Representative Jimmy Martin, pertaining to alcohol sales. This bill would authorize municipal option elections in municipalities having a population of 500 or more. Governor Riley used his veto on HB175 but the Senate voted to override the Governor veto with a vote of 18 yeas and 11 nays.

The senate adopted a large special order calendar totaling nearly fifty bills. Currently the senate is debating HB391 relating to tobacco.

Bishop video

To see the video of Senator Bishop punching Senator Lowell Barron in 2007 click on the link below.

View video

House Filibustering Over Tax Preparer Bill

The Alabama House has been debating SB 201 sponsored by Senator Quinton Ross for the past 45 minutes.

The bill would regulate individual income tax preparers and require those who provide such services to register with a State Board of Individual Income Tax Preparers.

Proponents argue that this bill will protect consumers seeking assistance from income tax preparers by ensuring that persons providing those services have a basic knowledge of the tax code as well as requiring continuing education courses.

Representative Tammy Irons stated that lower-income families often miss out on the earned income tax credit because of tax preparers’ lack of knowledge. She further elaborated that Alabamians leave some $133 million a year of unclaimed monies from the earned income tax credit.

Debate continues.

Bishop not running for re-election in 2010

Today Senator Charles Bishop, a republican from Jasper, announced that he will not run for re-election to the Alabama Senate in 2010. Senator Bishop has served three terms in the Alabama Senate.

Bishop issues this statement: “I have been blessed in my life,” said Bishop. “I have lived the American dream, and that dream for everyone is now in danger on both the national and state level, somewhere government lost its way.” “I am taking time to talk with friends and family about what this means, and what I can do to help the people of our state with the life experience that I have had.”

Senator Bishop is widely known as the senator who punched Senator Lowell Barron in the senate chambers on the final day of the 2007 legislative session.

28th Day in the Alabama Senate

The Alabama Senate convened this morning at 11:00 am and began to take up confirmations. After passing over twenty-five confirmations the Senate is now taking House message.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Alabama Senate.

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