Monday, August 10, 2009

Special Session

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hot topic bills that never made it to Governor Riley's desk

The Alabama 2009 Legislative Session ended on Friday, March 15th around 4:00 pm central time. Just before the Senate adjourned, Senator Bobby Singleton made one last plea to call up SB135, his local Greene county bingo bill, for a vote. In the House of Representatives, Speaker Seth Hammett of Andalusia announced that, after serving eleven years as speaker, he will not seek re-election to the Alabama House in 2010. Happy Trails played on the speakers as members said their goodbyes and headed back to their respective districts.

Now that the House and Senate have adjourned sine die and Lt. Governor Folsom proclaimed this session as the most successful he has seen in his years presiding over the Senate, one might wonder what important legislation will not make it to Governor Riley’s desk this year. See below for some popular bills from the 2009 legislative session that will not have a chance for a signature or veto.

Until next year…

1. Grocery Tax: Legislation that would remove or adjust taxes on groceries died on the floor of the House of Representatives and in committee in the Senate.

2. Smoking Ban: Legislation that would prohibit smoking in public places and places of employment died on the Senate floor.

3. Gambling (Sweet Home Alabama Bill): Legislation that would establish and regulate bingo in certain counties died on the House and Senate floors.

4. Prepaid Affordable College Tuition program (PACT): Legislation that would aid the PACT program died in both houses, however the House and Senate passed a resolution that would have the Retirement Systems of Alabama conduct an actuarial stud of the financial issues of the PACT program and give recommendation to the Governor and Legislature.

5. PAC to PAC transfers: Legislation that would prohibit transfers from one political action committee to another passed the House but died in committee in the Senate.

6. Ethics: Legislation that would strengthen Alabama’s ethics laws for elected officials in the state of Alabama and give the ethics commission subpoena power died on the House floor.

7. DUI Laws Strengthened: Legislation that would strengthen the laws and consequences of receiving a DUI passed the House but died on the Senate floor.

8. Texting while driving ban: Legislation that would prohibit text messaging while operating a motor vehicle on a public street, road or highway passed the House but died in committee in the Senate.

9. Voter ID: Legislation that would require a photo ID to vote in an election died in committee in both houses.

Monday, May 18, 2009

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Friday, May 15, 2009

House Adjourns for this 2009 Legislative Session

Speaker Seth Hammett Will Not Seek Re-election to House Seat in 2010

Speaker Seth Hammett from Covington County announced from the House floor prior to adjournment that he will not seek re-election to his House seat in 2010.

In a press release, he stated that "The time has come for me to step aside and make way for the next group of legislative leaders. This decision was made after many discussions over the past several months with my family. My decision is final."

Speaker Hammett first took office in 1978 and is one of only two speakers to serve three terms as presiding officer of the House.

He further stated that "I wanted to make this decision known because the political season will start in earnest the beginning of June and all involved deserve to know my intentions now."

During his announcement from the House floor, Speaker Hammett said that he has no intention of stepping down from his post as speaker until his term expires at the end of 2010.