Wednesday, May 6, 2009

House Passes Two Education-Related Bills in the Evening

A bill we followed in committee last week received the go-ahead vote in the House early into the evening hours. By a 99 – 0 vote, HB 810 passed the House.

This bill makes it a criminal offense for a school official to engage in sexual activity with a student.

Per our coverage of the committee meeting last week, the version which came out of committee included language that defined an age limit for a student being under the age of 19.

This was added to the bill in order to prevent students working on college campuses from being prosecuted for having relationships with fellow students under this legislation.

The second bill which passed the House is SB 334. It raises the school drop-out age from 16 years of age to 18.

Because the House passed the Senate’s version of this bill, it now moves to the Governor’s Office for final approval.

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