Thursday, February 26, 2009

Making Progress on Day 8

The Alabama House of Representatives and Senate both convened at 10:00 am CST. Two of the first bills up for vote in the Alabama House were senate bills. The Alabama House voted to carry over ALL senate bills until the senate begins to take up house bills.

The Senate’s special order calendar consisted of only house sunset bills, seventeen sunset bills to be exact. Senator Barron stated that he planned to only introduce just that one Special Order calendar and let the Senate adjourn early. The Senate passed all seventeen bills on their Special Order calendar and adjourned at 11:50 am CST.

Representatives Mask and Gipson issued the following press release this morning pertaining to House Bill 389 relating to driving or operating a vehicle as defined (including vessels) under the influence of alcohol or drugs, criminal negligent homicide or assault in the first degree.

February 26, 2009
Reps. Mask and Gipson Sponsor DUI Boating Homicide Bill

MONTGOMERY State Representative Barry Mask ,(R)Wetumpka and State Representative Mac Gipson , ( R ) Prattville have introduced HB389, a bill which would clarify the law and penalties for persons who are drunk while operating a watercraft and kill another person . The bill would make such homicide the same as a DUI automobile homicide – a Class C felony.

The bill comes as a response to recent DUI boating Homicides on Lake Jordan, Lake Martin and other Alabama waterways since 2006.

In December, 2008, a special grand jury impaneled by 19th Circuit District Attorney Randall Houston recommended that the law be strengthened and clarified.

The bill has 30 co-sponsors and has been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee.

Bills passed by the Alabama House of Representatives on the 8th Legislative Day:

HB356: Public School and College Authority, authorized to allocate certain amount of interest income to Walker County School System for capital improvements for Oakman Elementary School

HB202: Property owners, liability limited for leasing property for hunting or fishing, Landowners Protection Act

HB164: Landlord and tenant, goods and services, landlord or property owner not required to pay delinquent bill of tenant if account is in name of tenant

HB47: Public schools, registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, employment of, Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind, employment of school nurses provided for, funding contingent on revenue available in Education Trust Fund and appropriation by Legislature

HB432: Sheriffs, pistol permits, records, not open to public disclosure, use for law enforcement only, penalties

HB210: Alabama Boxing Act, Alabama Boxing Commission, established, medical advisory panel, licensure of promoters, standards for buildings for matches, boxing under the influence prohibited, age requirements, civil and criminal penalties, subject to Sunset Law

HB495: School Superintendents of Alabama to establish and administer professional development program for all county and city superintendents of education

HB253: Special county educational taxes, approval by majority vote authorized

HB464: Motor vehicles, school disciplinary point system established to determine age at which person is eligible to apply for learner's permit, motorcycle operator's license, or driver's license

HB213: Rules of the road, bicyclists, hand and arm signals, bicyclists authorized to give hand signals from right side

HB438: Interstate Commission on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, established to assist children of active duty military families and certain veterans in education transition issues including transfer of records, enrollment, placement, extracurricular activities, graduation, uniform treatment at state and local district levels

The Alabama House adjourned at 12:05 this afternoon.