Thursday, May 7, 2009

House and Senate continue to work

The House and Senate continue to work into the evening. The House of Representatives adopted a new special order calendar at 5:30 pm.

House concurs on the General Fund Budget

This afternoon the Alabama House concurred with the Senate on the General Fund Budget. The budget will now go to Governor Riley's desk for his signature.

Reps Mask and McCutcheon hold impromptu press conference

Representatives Barry Mask and Mac McCutcheon just held an impromptu press conference on the importance of the disputed 9 million dollars for the department of corrections in the general fund budget. According to both, it could cost 187 jobs and possible facility closures. The funding to the department of correction's- in house version of budget- was a bare bones budget, it provided for necessities only.

Stay tuned for more updates.

House sends General Fund Budget to conference committee

The Alabama House of Representatives voted this afternoon to send the General Fund Budget back to the conference committee.

The House and Senate continue to meet in unique/historic conditions.

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Alabama State House closed until Monday

The Alabama State House is closed until Monday, May 11th at the very earliest due to intense flooding this morning and early afternoon. Members and staff are allowed in only to retrieve personal belongings.

Alabama House and Senate continue to convene

The Alabama House and Senate continue to convene in chaotic circumstances.

The Alabama House is currently discussing the General Fund Budget. The Alabama Senate is hearing a message from the Governor pertaining to an amendment to on SB413.

High floods bring Philibuster

Senator Phil Poole has begun to filibuster this afternoon. Poole appears to be picking up where he left off from his former filibusters this session. Lt. Governor Folsom noted that cloture might be something members want to review if Senator Poole continues to filibuster.

Currently Senator Jimmy Holly is addressing the body noting the historical meaning of meeting in the Old Senate Chambers in the Alabama Capitol today.

Alabama House and Senate convene in the Alabama Capitol

The Alabama House and Senate came back from their recess this afternoon at the Alabama State Capitol. The House is meeting in their old House chambers and the Senate is meeting in their old chambers as well.

Conditions are not great for much work to take place but they continue to convene.

Some senators before taking their desk posed for pictures. We will have photos soon from the Capitol.

Stay tuned for more legislative updates from the Capitol.

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Alabama State House being evacuated

The Alabama State House is being evacuated and the House and Senate will reconvene at the Alabama Capitol at 1:30 pm CST.

Storms cause stir at the Alabama State House

Picture #1: Dark clouds over the Alabama Capitol
Picture #2: Flooding at the entrance of the Alabama State House
Picture #3: Representatives working in the dark in the House of Representatives
Picture #4: Representative Chris England having to take the stairs

This morning the Alabama House of Representatives and Senate convened at 10:00 pm CST. By 10:30 both houses stood in recess due to intense flooding on the basement and first level of the state house, as well as flooding in the member and employee parking decks.

Senator Harri Anne Smith reported that her new car had flooding to the steering wheel at 10:30 and there were reports of floating cars in both the employee parking deck and on McDowell Lee Road just outside of the state house.

The power was shut off just after 11:00 am and those inside of the building were told not to use the elevator for safety reasons. Derek Hamilton, Chief Sargent at Arms for the Alabama State House, reported that there was four feet of water in the boiler room, saying it is the worst flooding he has seen his sixteen years at the state house.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Alabama State House.

Alabama State House begins to flood

The Alabama House and Senate have recessed for thirty minutes due to flooding in the lower levels of the state house. State House security has turned off the elevators and Senators and House of Representative member's vehicles are flooded in the lower parking deck.

Senator Harri Anne Smith said that her new vehicle is flooded to the steering wheel. Smith also noted that in the employee parking lot cars are flooded to their dashboard and one car has begun to float.

Currently the power is shut off and we are running on generators.

Stay tuned for more updates.