Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Governor Riley wants more accomplished before the final day of the legislative session

Governor Bob Riley spoke with the media this morning at 11:30. Riley noted that he has four or five projects that he is interested in seeing passed this legislative session. The PACT program is one of those programs that the Governor believes the senate needs to act on now. Governor Riley said that he is not satisfied with the resolution that was passed pertaining to the PACT program earlier in the legislation session.

Governor Riley is also concerned about the General Fund Budget and the nine million dollars that was taken from the corrections department and put into pork barrel projects. Pork barrel projects are appropriations of government spending for localized projects that bring money to a representative's district. Riley noted that with the restraints we have on our economy there is no reason to take away this money from corrections for these types of projects. Governor Riley further stated that each year he tells the legislature he wants to end pass through pork and it has not happened yet.

Speaking on ethics legislation, Governor Riley said we are so close to having this legislation passed. Riley has been pushing for this legislation for the past five years. He believes the people of Alabama want this type of honesty and clarity in Government to pass.

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