Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still no BINGO for Greene county

After much debate, SB135 failed to receive its budget isolation resolution for the second time within a week.


  1. Why does the senate try to disguise gambling with the name "BINGO". Everybody that has a HS diploma knows that a slot machine is gambling. How many times do the people of Alabama have to vote it down before they stop wasting time on it.

  2. What does Chairity Bingo in Alabama hurt? I know first hand that it has done wonders for the economy of Greene County/Eutaw, Alabama. Why was it so important to ruin Governor Sigleman's life? He knew what a positive impact an Education Lottery would be. It's so sad that this Great State is allowing so many greedy, selfish and visionless individuals stand in the way of the State of Alabama's move into the 21st century.