Thursday, April 30, 2009

Representative Alvin Holmes of Montgomery blasts PSC and SB 373

In one of the liveliest speeches given from the House floor this legislative session, Representative Alvin Holmes scolded the Public Service Commission, and more particularly, the three newest members, Susan Parker, Jan Cook, and Lucy Baxley Smith. He emphatically declared that they were the “sorriest members of the Public Service Commission and need to be given a barbed-wire enema.”

Representative Holmes is in staunch opposition to SB 373 which would deregulate landline telephone service and said if legislators pass this bill, they might as well “have a hole in their head.”

He further reminded legislators that they should be standing up for the working people of this state and not the interests of big corporations.

As mentioned in the previous blog, others argue that the consumer will be the ultimate beneficiary from deregulation through increased competition and extended services. Opponents such as Rep. Holmes argue that the reverse is true, especially for those living in rural areas.


  1. Alvin had better be careful, being among the sorriest is his domain.

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  3. Why change the law? If you were pardoned, your record is erased. I'm glad you went back to school. However, I hope you can speak better than you write. It helps.