Thursday, April 30, 2009

Senate welcomes Italian mayor and concurs with House on ed. buget

Convening this morning at 10:00 am; the Senate opened with a point of personal privilege for Senator Wendell Mitchell to recognize the Mayor of Montgomery, Todd Strange and his visitor Massimo Mallegni, mayor of Pietrasanta, Italy. The mayor addressed the full body conveying that he has visited the United States at least five times but he feels like he has really seen the U.S. since he has been to Alabama. Mayor Mallegni is visiting the state for a week.

After the House of Representatives passed the Education Trust Fund Budget (ETF) on Tuesday, Senator Sanders offered the amendments from the House. With a vote of 30 yeas and 0 nays the senate concurred with the House’s amendments and the ETF budget will now go to Governor Bob Riley’s desk for his signature.

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