Thursday, April 30, 2009

Local legislation, its personal

A heavy catfish lunch set the Alabama Senate up for some high emotions on local bills. After Senator Lowell Barron introduced the special order calendar, Senator Hank Erwin rose to the mic to speak against the calendar. Not agreeing with the first bills on the calendar, Senator Erwin voiced his concerns and intentions to filibuster. Senator Larry Means rose to the mic to question Senator Erwin and express his concern for Erwin standing in the way of local legislation. Means noted that the standing policy in the Alabama senate is to not stand in the way of a senator's local legislation. Erwin disagreed and things began to heat up.

The Alabama Senate adopted the special order calendar and Senator Bobby Singleton’s bill, SB135 pertaining to bingo in Greene county, is now up for floor discussion in the Alabama Senate. Singleton is passionate about getting this bill passed before the end of this session.

Stayed tuned for more updates from the Alabama Senate.

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