Thursday, March 12, 2009

Senate Republicans Continue to Filibuster

Filibustering continues in the Alabama Senate. Senator Rusty Glover’s SB15 pertaining to eluding a police officer is up for a vote currently. For the past hour and a half the senate republicans have been filibustering on Senator Glover’s bill but not because of the piece of legislation rather because of the lack of the rules chairman, Senator Lowell Barron, to provide the senate republican’s with the special order calendar one day before the following legislative day.

According to Senator Scott Beason (R), this filibuster is about good government, transparency, honesty and openness in the senate for the people of Alabama. Senator Beason noted that not only senators, but the people of the state should know what will be debated in the senate ahead of time. Receiving the special order calendar ahead of time would give senators time to do research on legislation so they will know exactly what a piece of legislation is going to do and how it will affect the state.

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