Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Entertaining End to the 12th Legislative Day in the House

Some comedic relief came to the House this afternoon as representatives attempted to garner enough votes to adjourn for spring break. After a couple of failed attempts to adjourn had already taken place, Representative Guin made yet another motion to adjourn and stated that he would continue to make motions after every bill.

A little over-confident that they would have enough votes to head home, a few legislators began walking toward the door when a tied vote came in. Yells and laughter filled the room and they returned to their seats. HB 559 was then passed, and Representative Guin returned to the podium to make his third attempt to adjourn. This time he was successful by 2 votes.

The House of Representatives observe spring break next week and will return to work on Tuesday, March 24th.

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