Thursday, March 12, 2009

Filibustering in the Senate this 12th Legislative Day

This morning the Alabama Senate convened at 10:00 am CST and opened by discussing the murders in South Alabama. Senator Smith introduced Congressman Bobby Bright who flew home from Washington to help after the events of Tuesday afternoon. Congressman Bright commended the law enforcement, the community and Governor Riley for their help in the wake of this tragic incident.

After committee reports and introductions of bills, Senator Barron presented his resolution from the Rules committee for the Special Order calendar. Upon the introduction Senator Jabo Waggoner rose to the mic to discuss the fact that Senator Barron did not present this calendar to the minority 24 hours before the following legislative day as previously request on the 11th legislative day.

Senator Beason also rose to agree with Senator Waggoner. Beason further stated that as a legislator it is unwise not to receive the calendar ahead of time because it does allow legislators the appropriate time to do their homework on the bills.

It appears that the minority party, republicans, is looking to filibuster on the Senate floor this afternoon. Currently Senator Marsh is filibustering SB383 introduced by Senator Little however, he is speaking in regards to the timeliness of receiving the special order calendar further conveying what Senators Waggoner and Beason have already addressed.

Senator Marsh noted that it’s the people of the state that deserve as much or more than the legislators to know what the senate is dealing with so they have the opportunity to come attend the meetings. According to Marsh this issue gives citizens of Alabama no opportunity to come to Montgomery and have a voice in government.

The Senate recessed until 1:00 in the midst of Senator Marsh taking his hour to speak on SB383.

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