Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Senate Republicans block SB279

The second bill on the senate’s special order calendar was SB279 which would provide for a ten year road and bridge construction program to be funded with withdrawals from the Alabama Trust Fund.

If enacted, beginning January 1, 2010 and continuing through January 1, 2019 the board of trustees of the Alabama Trust Fund would transfer $100,000,000.00 from the Alabama Trust Fund annually to be distributed as provided by the bill. Seventy-Five percent of the annual transfer would be appropriated by the legislature to the Alabama Department of Transportation for state highways, roads, and bridges and other transportation purposes to be further allocated. At least five million of this amount would be used in each congressional district in the state.

SB279 did not pass with a vote of 19 yeas and 11 nays. SB279 would need to receive at least 21 yeas to pass the Alabama Senate. Senator Marsh (R) said he will work with Senator Barron (D) on this bill, encouraging him that there is still enough time left in the legislative session to get this bill passed.

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