Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 9 from the Alabama House

The Alabama House of Representatives convened at 1:00 pm CST. Following committee reports the Alabama House passed some uncontested bills then moved to their consent and special order calendar.

House Bill 183 by Representative McDaniel pertaining to methamphetamines--drugs containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine used to manufacture methamphetamines provisions prohibiting sales after October 1, 2009 deleted—caused the first stir in the House on the 9th legislative day.

Representative Alvin Holmes challenged Representative McDaniel about his intentions for this bill. Holmes noted that meth affects more whites in Alabama than blacks. Holmes noted that McDaniel has never sponsored a bill that would keep cocaine off of the streets. Representative Holmes urged Representative McDaniel to focus on all drug problems in the state rather than just those that affect a higher percentage of whites.

Further down the House Special Order Calendar today is a bill that has gained much popularity over the past year, HB373 “Free the Hops” pertaining to alcoholic beverages, beer, and definition to include malt beverages with higher alcohol content. Stay tuned for Free the Hops updates.

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