Tuesday, March 3, 2009

HB373 “Free the Hops” passed the Alabama House of Representatives

HB373 “Free the Hops” would further define the term “beer” for ABC licensing purposes, to include malt beverages with higher alcohol content (13.9% increase of alcohol content).

First to take his fifteen minutes was Representative Bridges. Bridges said he thinks this bill would encourage more drinking, help people get intoxicated quicker and have less quality of life just because Alabama is trying to keep up with other states. Following Representative Bridges were three other members. Representative Holmes spoke against the bill stating that Alabama should focus on other things that affect the citizens of Alabama rather than the content of alcohol in gourmet beer.

With a vote of 49 to 37 House Bill 373 passed the Alabama House of Representatives.


  1. I agree with Representative Holmes. Perhaps our attention should be focused on "Free Don", which has made our state into a national embarrassment. Doesn't abuse of power affect our citizens: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=3870545n

  2. Bridge's argument is laughable

  3. The gourmet beer bill will allow specialty beers and foreign beer to be sold in Alabama. These will be relatively expensive compared to domestic mass produced and mass marketed beer. These will not be the choice for people to go out and get drunk on. These representatives are sorely misled or are in fact misleading.

  4. I find it very laughable how completely biased this post (and most likely this blog) is. Nothing of the positive comments were even mentioned. Only the most ludicrous of the negative comments were included. It is also ridiculous that this was the first link returned by Google when searching for Alabama HB373.

    Hooray Beer!