Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Erwin fighting to "jail" the hops

Senator Bobby Singleton’s bill SB132 “Free the Hops” which would allow the sale of specialty beers in the state of Alabama with higher alcohol content is on the senate floor this afternoon. Once the legislation came before the full body, Senator Hank Erwin was the first to rise to the microphone to voice his concern and disdain for the bill. Erwin said that if he had it his way, he would not have any alcohol in his county or any other county in the state of Alabama. Senator Erwin further noted that he believes this legislation would set the state of Alabama up for sheer disaster. Erwin also believes that each senator could not leave the state house with their heads held high thinking they have done something good if they pass this legislation.

Senator Erwin mentioned that his opposition was not personal towards Senator Singleton but only towards the legislation. Senator Singleton questioned that comment noting that Erwin has only filibustered and stood in the way of his legislation. Erwin urged Singleton to pick better legislation.

Senator Erwin, speaking against the bill, mentioned that he tells his sons and grandsons to avoid alcohol like the plague.

SB132 received its budget isolation resolution with a vote of 16 yeas and 8 nays. Currently Senator Ben Brooks is proposing an amendment to the legislation that would only allow the sale of specialty beers at grocery and package stores, or restaurants.

Stay tuned for updates.

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