Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Concerns Raised Over Budget Cuts for Reading Initiative and AMSTI

Representative Barry Mask of Elmore County (R) expressed concerns over specific programs’ funding being cut in this budget as opposed to the budget proposed by Governor Riley.

He pointed out the Alabama Reading Initiative which has been nationally acclaimed. Alabama was #1 for gains in 4th grade reading – it was the single largest gain in the nation. Yet, this budget cuts approximately $5 million from the Governor’s budget recommendations.

In addition, AMSTI is being cut almost $12 million from what the Governor recommended. Representative Mask stated that 45% of our schools have AMSTI. Referring to Rep. Richard Lindsey, he further argued that the $29 million would barely keep the program going – “no new school will be added to the program under this budget. The Governor had asked for $40 million.”

Rep. Lindsey agreed that under this budget the program could not be expanded.

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