Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tensions rise in the Alabama Senate between Senator Larry Means (D) and Senator Phil Poole (D)

Tensions rose this afternoon in the Alabama Senate when Senator Phil Poole became angered over local legislation affecting the Tuscaloosa County School Board.

Senator Larry Means (D) of Attalla addressed the full body urging other senators not to sit around and do nothing for another two years. Senator Means stated that to begin filibustering on the 3rd day of the 2009 session sets a bad precedent. He spoke to the task ahead of the body with passing the General Fund and Education Trust Fund. Means said he is not going to be a part of this petty, childish act and commended Senators Smitherman and Barron for trying to schedule a non-controversial special order calendar for the first few days of the session. In closing, Senator Means told the body that they need to do what is right and answer to the people of their district.

Senator Phil Poole (D) of Moundville responded by saying that loud mouths that like to call names and jump on someone else for defending their district should not do so. Poole said that if the leadership in the senate is going to hold up his local bill and keep Tuscaloosa's elementary school from tying onto a sewer system then they can just get ready for it. Poole said the senate is going to do nothing for the next two years until his local legislation issue is either settled or is else wise satisfied.

Poole also addressed those who have accused him of filibustering for the last two years, saying that if anybody wants to get blamed for wasting the last two years they should look in the mirror and not lie. Senator Poole closed by saying that if anybody doesn’t like what he said then they can take it up with him at the State House or elsewhere.

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