Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Inside the Alabama Senate Day 3

Not much is going on in the Alabama Senate today. Senator Phil Poole is currently using his 20 minutes to filibuster Senate Bill 55 by Senator Bedford.

Some common interest bills on the Senate calendar for 2.10.09:

SB62 introduced by Senator Barrown relating to the State Ethics Commission to allow investigators with the commission to be afforded the same benefits as investigators with the Attorney General's office.

SB181 introduced by Senator Ross pertaining to motor vehicles establishing a three-stage graduated licensing, driver training program, age requirements for licensed driver with student, age requirements for licensed driver accompanying driver with learner's permit, restrictions on persons 17 years of age with regular driver's license,

SB98 introduced by Senator Marsh which would create the Alabama Boxing Commission; to provide for the membership, powers, and duties of the commission.

Stay connected for more updates from the Alabama State House.

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