Friday, May 15, 2009

2009 Shroud Award Ceremony

The Alabama House of Representatives held the 31st Annual Shroud Award Ceremony for the deadest bill during the 2009 Legislative Session.

Runner's Up for this award included:

HB268 by Ron Johnson relating to salvage pools

HB338 by Jack Williams requiring reporting of animal abuse

HB536 by Joseph Mitchell requiring recording of debate in the House

HB412 by Tammy Irons regulating Individual Tax Preparers

HB629 by Craig Ford specifying school start date (Rep. Ford has been runner-up for "The Shroud", 3 out of last 4 years)

Various Governor's Ethics Bills

HJR91 by Demitrius Newton providing for election for Constitutional Convention

HB676 by Marcel Black regulating certain bingo facilities

"Sweet Home Alabama" plan

HB569 by Jamie Ison increasing insurance premiums for certain state employees

HB245 by Cam Ward banning cock fighting

At the end of the ceremony, it was declared that the Deadest Bill of the 2009 legislative session and winner of this year's Shroud Award is the Grocery Tax Bill, HB116 by John Knight.

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