Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Whose Filibuster is it Anyway?

After the Black Caucus filibustered the special order calendar for the day, Republicans then began blocking the procedural vote that is required before a bill may be considered on the House floor.

According to a Republican source, they are upset that the Democratic leadership is not allowing their bills to come up for consideration on the floor and pointed out that the grocery tax bill has now come before the House three times. They feel that they are not able to represent their constituents well when their bills are not coming before the body for an up or down vote. Sources indicate that Republicans plan to continue blocking legislation until their bills begin to appear on the House calendar.

With two forces now filibustering in the House, one can’t help but wonder if an end is in sight, save for the end of the session coming in a few short weeks.

The House adjourned today at 3:15 to reconvene again on Thursday at 10:00.

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