Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Which rules apply?

Interrupting Senator Phil Poole on his second hour, Senator Bobby Singleton made a point of order to note that there is a piece of legislation that Senator Hank Sanders introduced last week, SB578, that was assigned to the wrong committee. According to rule 50 adopted three years ago in the Alabama Senate, all gaming legislation should be referred to the Tourism and Travel Committee. SB578 was mistakenly assigned to the Finance and Taxation Education committee rather than the Tourism and Travel committee which Senator Singleton chairs.

Senator Singleton asked that this bill be moved to his committee where he is a supporter of gaming. Lt. Governor Folsom noted that once the bill is introduced in committee the bill cannot be reassigned to another committee.

Senator Phil Poole is back to filibustering after a heated debate over the assignment of SB578.

1 comment:

  1. Is the Senate ever going to get down to doing the business of the people?

    I would love to calculate just what these people earn on an hourly rate. Two or three hours of actual legislative time every day. What a joke.

    The citizens of Alabama should listen to the audio for just an hour a day. I'm sure we'd see some fresh faces in the Legislature come election time.