Thursday, April 9, 2009

Representative Randy Hinshaw Calls for Media Clarification

This morning Representative Randy Hinshaw of Madison County spoke directly to the members of the press from the House floor in reference to the grocery tax bill.

He expressed his concern that the media has only recognized the Black Caucus as supporters of the grocery tax bill and duly pointed out that many people are standing to support removing the sales tax off of groceries.

On that note, both the Democrats and Republicans have expressed support for removing the sales tax off of groceries; however, the method to accomplish this end result has caused conflict.

To be more precise, House Democrats, along with the Black Caucus, have stood in unison to support HB116 (the bill which has been debated so many times over the last three weeks), and Republicans oppose this bill due to the manner in which the bill seeks to make up the tax dollars that will be lost by the removal of this tax. Republicans presented an alternative plan yesterday that would provide grocery tax credits for families making less than $22,000.

Many individuals, both elected officials and citizens, across the state believe strongly that the sales tax should be removed from groceries and deserve to be commended for their concern for our state as well as their work to make Alabama a better place to live!

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