Thursday, April 23, 2009

“No Wonder People Don’t Like Us”

Upon a questionable procedural vote in the Alabama House this afternoon, Representative Barry Mask ( R ), Elmore County, gave a spirited speech livening up an otherwise boring afternoon in the House Chamber.

After two hours of discussing the calendar, a procedural vote was taken to debate Representative Alvin Holmes’ hate crimes bill. Not actually receiving enough votes for the bill to move forward, the Speaker Pro Tem, Rep. Demetrius Newton (D), moved the bill forward anyway.

Among the members angry about diverting from the rules was Rep. Mask who emphatically expressed that it is “no wonder people don’t like us” – referring to the Alabama Legislature. He reminded the membership that last week alone, legislators “took a cost of living pay raise, one member was arrested for a DUI, both houses have been filibustering for a month, and there was discussion about a $350 million new statehouse.”

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