Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rep. James Thomas (D) Angry Over Incident at White Hall Last Week

Shortly after the House convened this afternoon at 1:00 pm, Rep. James Thomas (D) of Wilcox, Lowndes, Dallas, and Autauga counties was recognized and given time to speak on the House floor during which he angrily expressed his resentment for the raid on White Hall Casino last week. He stated that officers, under the authority of the Governors Gambling Task Force, went into the establishment with weapons drawn on unarmed, innocent workers. During the raid machines were confiscated as well as cash.

Representative Thomas said that all of this took place over a legal discrepancy, not a criminal offense, and innocent people could have been hurt over a legal disagreement. “No court has ruled that what White Hall is doing is criminal and they have a right to exist until such time as the court says that what they are doing is wrong. These officers went in on law abiding, tax paying citizens.” He further said that he “resents to hell that the Governor allowed my people to be treated like that…I could not stand still as a representative of my people if I did not let the public know how I feel.”

Representative Thomas intends to take this matter to the US Attorney General in Washington D.C.

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