Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Legislative Day 11-Inside the Alabama House of Representatives

HB 67 sponsored by Representative DeMarco passed the Alabama House this afternoon. This bill which was carried over from last Thursday is relating to commercial motor vehicles and trucks carrying metal coils passed the Alabama House. It invokes criminal penalties for failure to comply with federal regulations and for violations where metal coils fall off onto public roads.

HB 68 sponsored by Representative Collier was carried over until Thursday, March 12, 2009. This bill is also referred to as Officer Keith E. Houts Act. Representative Collier introduced this bill last year and brought it for consideration once again this year.

The bill seeks to establish criminal status and invoke penalties for individuals eluding law enforcement officers. There was some confusion on the version of the bill to actually be considered for a vote on the floor; so it was carried over for clarification by the Rules Committee and will be the first bill brought on the special order calendar for Thursday.

Representative John Rogers, Jr. of Jefferson County brought discussion relating to identifying and distinguishing law enforcement officers from imitators at night and expressed concern over citizens’ safety and potentially facing criminal charges for taking time to determine a vehicle’s identity and not immediately stopping. Additional changes may be made to include a provision for instances such as this.

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