Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Filibuster Ends in House But Senate Shuts Down Once More

One week after the filibuster in the House began, bills are moving again - for now! The House will convene again tomorrow at 4:00 at which time the grocery tax bill will be the first item for discussion on the agenda. If the bill fails to pass, it would be reasonable to expect another filibuster in the House.

Whereas the House is at work late this afternoon, the Senate shut down around 3:45 due to a disagreement over a bill relating to rural telephone service, SB 373. Senator Barron brought an amendment to the bill which he said would prevent companies from raising rates on rural customers. Senator Beason also brought an amendment which he stated would accomplish this. After much discussion, Senator Barron's amendment was not adopted, so he began a filibuster with enough support from fellow senators to keep it going.

With the Senate at a stalemate, a motion to adjourn was made. The Senate will reconvene at 1:00 tomorrow.

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