Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back in full force on Day 7

The Alabama Senate convened at 2:00 pm CST this afternoon; much to the dismay of a number of people the Senate passed many uncontested local bills without much conflict. The Alabama Senate took up Sunset Bills pertaining to local legislation.

Currently Senator Phil Poole is at the podium filibustering in the Senate.

The Alabama House of Representatives convened at 3:00 pm CST today. Beginning with uncontested local bills, one bill that caused a stir was House Bill 363 pertaining to Bingo in Greene County. The speaker seeing that HB363 was contested immediately moved forward.

The first bill on the Special Order Calendar was Representative Knights bill, HB382 relating to oil and gas, offshore, severance tax altered, determination of basis altered. Representative Knight said this bill would not have a negative impact on the general fund stating that he has worked with the Governor’s office on this bill.

Representative Knight clarified that this bill is revenue neutral and is based on gross proceeds. He said with this bill there would be no dispute about deductions and there would be no loss to the general fund or the state of Alabama. HB382 takes away the gray area and makes taxes a lot easier to calculate and protects the state from disputes and potential loss. With a vote of 96 yeas and 1 nay House Bill 382 passed the Alabama House of Representatives.

Currently Representative Alvin Holmes is at the podium questioning the Speaker about President Obama’s stimulus package and Governor Riley’s plan for the stimulus package.

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